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7 Études de Sor (2 books)
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7 Études de Sor (2 books)

Composer: SOR F.

Arranger: DYENS Roland

DZ 890


ISBN: 2-89500-776-4

Guitar and string quartet

48 p. + separated parts


Already in the first reading I was deeply moved by this work. It's a well-deserved masterwork for both Sor and the guitarists. It is ready to sit on top of concert programs in all its finery. It is also a superb attention that the transmission of these jewels is done through dedication words for guitarists of the rising generation. It is in the purest tradition of these Etudes. What an huge amount of work in such a short time. Congratulations to the Productions d'OZ for the quickness of execution, it is magical and beautiful.
These Etudes are part of my life as a guitarist, and the new life that has been given to them brings me enormous pleasure. To be able to share it with others, even more.
Fernando Sor thanks you. I know he is very, very happy of that.
Valérie Folco, guitar teacher - Paris

On a personal level, apart from enjoying the sound of classical guitar music, my other main musical passion in life is listening to string quartet works; therefore I was doubly delighted to receive this «novel« edition by the brilliant and ever resourceful French guitarist Roland Dyens of his arrangements for guitar and string quartet of seven Fernando Sor's Etudes; the very fact that he coincidentally chose my own personal favourite studies as well was really the icing on the cake.
The only study not to actually include the guitar is the opening one (op.6 no.S) which works exceptionally weIl in this setting for string quartet alone (giving it an almost «hymn-like« character) and this serves as an ideal overture to the rest of the programme. The other studies are made up of op 35, numbers 22 and 17; and op6, numbers 13, 17, 19 and 20. Difficult as it is to pin-point highlights in such a collection as this, but pride of place must surely go to the exquisite, «tough on the left hand« study in B flat major, the attractiveness of this piece even more highlighted by the addition of the quartet.
With informative notes on the individual items (including performance strategy) these superbly crafted arrangements are excellent new additions to the repertoire, any performance of which should help towards the tremendous battle in some quarters as to the acceptance of the classical guitar as a «serious« instrument.
Highly recommended if you can get hold of a string quartet to perform them with.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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