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Composer: SYTCHEV Mikhail

DZ 944


ISBN: 2-89500-830-2

Solo Guitar

8 p.


Having recently given an enthusiastic and glowing review regarding this composer's performance of his original compositions on his own privately released CD it was very nice to actually see the notes in print.
Aquarelles is in three sections, the first one, titled In the Garden is a tranquil and melodic little waltz which saunters along nicely until a totally unexpected ending is reached where the rhythm and tempo quite dramatically alter. An interesting conclusion but one I still have trouble figuring out what is meant by it all.
The following Spirit of the Dance is another gentle and melodic composition the main feature of which is the constant drone of the low 'f note at the start of each bar.
The concluding After the Rain illustrates how a skilled writer for the guitar can write economically (a good deal of this piece hangs around first position, as did the previous one) and still produce a good end product worthy of note.
This is nice music, well written, well presented and any player of around Grade 6 standard should perhaps check it out.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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