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Five Scenes for Children's Home Theatre
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Five Scenes for Children's Home Theatre

Composer: SYTCHEV Mikhail

DZ 949


ISBN: 2-89500-835-3

Solo Guitar

16 p.


The Russian guitarist/composer Mikhail Stychev wrote these extraordinary pieces in 2003; they were inspired by memories of his upbringing where, at family gatherings on New Year's Eve, the children would dress up and perform spontaneous sketches based on fairy tales and cartoons - hence the «Children's Home Theatre« part of the title. All the music from this album has been released on a «Private Release« CD (reviewed separately) performed by Mikhail Sytchev.
Each movement is titled and this certainly helps with the interpretation and visualisation when hearing the music. The sure-fire hit of the bunch must unquestionably be the second «scene«; titled Acrobats this imagery is what is conjured up when the music is played - a really good example of imaginative writing; beware though, the tempo indication of Allegro is overlooked by the composer himself, his version is more Prestissimo and this is a composition which really does need speed to make it credible. Following this comes the dark and mysterious Sorceress, made even more sinister by the very fact that it does come next.
These Five Scenes are very entertaining and absorbing; the suite is a stirring work, with here and there, suggestions of the musical style of Koshkin and well worthy of consideration for the concert platform.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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