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The Double Bass (A philosophy of playing)

The Double Bass (A philosophy of playing)

Composer: GOILAV Yoan

DO 456


ISBN: 2-89503-232-7


177 p.
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan


Three parts: History, pedagogy, technique
Bilingual publication: English / French

ln 1974, when I was commissioned by the German music periodical Das Orchester to assess the album «The Virtuoso Double Bass» by Yoan Goïlav, the editor asked me whether my review had not perhaps tumed out to be somewhat lopsidedly enthusiastic. I did not, however, retract a single word of my enthusiasm for the high quality of this recording. How I wished that this marvelous musician would reveal more to us about his thoughts on the tonal composition, phrasing, and agogics that inspired him to such admirable playing.
Yoan Goïlav has now put these thoughts on paper and even found a committed publisher, who, going beyond the calculation of commercial responsibility, found the courage to allow the author to develop a broadly based study that proves to be ajewel in the practice of music. In addition, the editorial design of this volume is of high quality. The publisher has done justice to the demands of the subject matter by using outstandingly high-quality paper and orint, as is appropriate for a work whose impact will transcend our day and age.
Alfred Planyacsky, Vienne
Ex. petits chanteurs de Vienne
Orchestre philarmonique de Vienne, contrabassist

Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I failed to highlight at least sorne publications from the vast field of professional literature that will challenge sorne of the clichés about the big bass violin. Yoan Goïlav, the most successful pupil of Josef Prunner, a sensitive soloist and teacher, has given us an important work on the «Philosophy of Playing», in which he describes the role of the double bass in a comparative analysis of its history, pedagogy and playing technique.

Prof. Mag Alfred Planyavsky
Spergu Forum, Nc. 2/3, Nov. 2004

Dear Yoan, Thank you for your book «The Double Bass» - il is the book of the century about the double bass, the most complete and most topical, which any double bass player should have on his nightstand, like the bible. Admirable is not at all an understatement. Your book has literally fascinated me, an old truck driver. I sincerely admire you for having taken the initiative to write this book, explaining all the facets of this instrument from A to Z despite all obstacles (if you see what I mean...). What patience, what thought, what technical, physical and psychological analyses. It is prodigious.
Jean-Marc Rollez professeur au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris

Prof. Diana Gannett
University of Michigan School of Music
November, 2004
Dear Yoan, Thank you both for your visit and your many contributions to the bass world ! I'm delighted with the transcriptions and your book. I'm hoping to do a special- study class with it in the future. I've just started reading it - there is a need in the bass comunity for this kind of scolarship and I'm so grateful that you've taken it upon yourself. I would truly love to have your visit in the future - especialy if the class can prepare sufficiently to make the most of your presence. Yours Diana

The Magazine of the International Society of Bassists
The latest score
Prof. Hans Sturm, Editor
"The Double Bass"- A philosophy of Playing
Yoan Goilav
Ed. Doberman-YPPAN

A former student of the great Viennese pedagogue Joseph Prunner, Romanien bassist Yoan Goilav, has enjoyed a significant career as a soloist and teacher for more than forty years. Goilav has codified his observations and insights in an intriguing treatise entitled " The Double Bass: a Philosophy of Plying". At first glance the volume appears to be a method book. However "the Doule Bass", much like Galamian's classic " Principles of Violine Playing and Teaching", is a purely instructional treatise and offers no musical etudes or studies. Written in both French and English, the treatise covers a vast territory, divided into three sections : the double bass and its function throughout history, some thoughts on the art of practicing and teaching, and a philosophy of playing the double bass. ...The second section, on practicing and teaching, is a unique discourse on the daily practice regimen designet to help bassists make practicing " consious, competent and independent" While the treatise is intended for the double bassists, this portion of the work is vauable for all instrumentalists. The "Double Bass" is a remarkable accomplishment. While there will certainly be those who will disagree on points of technique, the overall impsct of Goilav's well-reasoned arguments is persuasve and thought provoking. The work is a holistic vision that conects the mind and body in such detail that every musician who reads it come away with news insights.
Review by Hans Sturm
Yoan Goïlav has written a remarkable book. Although it is intended primarily for performers and teachers of the double bass, it can be a valuable guide for players of any other musical instrument. It touches upon the physical choices that are made when we try to produce reliable results on an instrument; on the importance of keeping msical goals in mind at all times; and upon practise techniques to help bring about successful results.
Abe Kniaz, French horn player and professor at Indiana University and Laval University.

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