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Grande suite des quatre saisons (CD inclus), Édition du 1000e
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Grande suite des quatre saisons (CD inclus), Édition du 1000e

Composer: KRUISBRINK Annette

DZ 1000


ISBN: 978-2-89500-886-6

Solo Guitar

56 p.


Please note that audio files from the CD are not included in the PDF format purchase option. The discount has been adjusted accordingly.
Special edition of the 1000th CD also available seperately (DZ 1000CD)
After more than twenty years, here we are with our 1000th publication.

1. La nature s'éveille
2. Une fraîcheur nouvelle
3. Les oiseaux préparent leur nid
4. Les premiers pas du faon
5. Le ruisseau
6. Le chant divin du rossignol
7. La marche de l'escargot
8. Tulipes blanches dans l'herbe

9. Le soleil monte au zénith
10. Les abeilles recueillent le nectar
11. La grenouille et le nénuphar
12. La mer qui touche la plage
13. Le tournesol 
14. Un orage se prépare
15. Le soleil disparaît à l'horizon

16. Le vent qui souffle
17. Danse de l'araignée
18. Feuille morte
19. Perles de pluie
20. Brouillard sur le lac
21. Les derniers vols d'hirondelles
22. Le marronnier
23. Rafales
24. Les premiers flocons de neige

25. Le ciel est gris et morne
26. La chouette annonce le froid
27. La neige qui danse en ronde monotone
28. Cristaux de glace
29. La lune éclaire les arbres silencieux
30. Empreintes d'animaux
31. Les fleurs s'efforcent de paraître

The more astute reader will have noticed that the production number of this publishing house has now reached the 1000th edition and I think congratulations are in order! 
With their 1000th edition comes not only their most ambitious project to date, but also possibly their finest production, certainly compared to the many l've seen from d'Oz. Marked as a Special Edition this new composition by the Dutch guitarist Annette Kruisbrink is a large-scale, substantial solo guitar piece with no less than 31 movements partitioned into four suites, each one representing the four seasons of the year, and the total work lasting just over one hour if the brilliant recording (supplied with the album) by the composer is anything to judge by.
Astonishingly, in an album of this magnitude of new music, there are no low points, no dips in standards, no instances where one thinks that Kruisbrink seems to have been under pressure to make up the numbers; each of these wonderfully descriptive pieces fit the bill perfectly. In the Summer Suite for example, one senses the bees, and the sea «touching the beach«, the menace of the approaching storm is felt, and the frogs can be heard!
Later on, the first snowflakes are almost fell at the conclusion to Autumn, and when Winter arrives, we know it.
This is spectacularly skilful, quality writing from a fine guitarist/composer whose performance on the accompanying CD is of equal stature to the music.
The presentation throughout is excellent, the fingering kept to a sensible level and there are four, imaginative and evocative full colour illustrations scattered throughout the book, these are by Arlette Ruelens, who, together with Annette Kruisbrink, is the other half of the Anido Guitar duo. Another artist, the wonderfully talented Corina Sierk, has provided the artwork for the front coyer. The standard to perform this work and do it full justice would have to be high, around the grade 7-8 mark.
A high-class, quality production in all areas.
Steve Marsh(Classical Guitar Magazine)   

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