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ProductsSheet Music for GuitarMethodsMy guitar, my band (guit. 1) vol. 1

My guitar, my band (guit. 1) vol. 1

My guitar, my band (guit. 1) vol. 1


DZ 1021


ISBN: 978-2-89500-907-8


24 p.


This product is not available in pdf format. Here is a guitar method that is unique in its kind. We are proposing, with My guitar, my band, twelve lessons designed for the teaching of guitar groups. All the learning process found here is based on the trio formation. This new approach includes a book for the teacher and three others corresponding to guitar 1, 2 and 3 parts. For all of the twelve lessons, there is routine work essential to the mastering of the instrument. The exercises are progressive and especially motivating for the beginning students. The repertoire has been chosen among works that endured the test of time and also pieces written especially for this book. The particular thing about this method is its versatility. It provides a great freedom as to how the teacher can use it. It can be used as proposed as trio work, but also in solo to improve the playing on strings 4, 5 and 6 with guitar 3 book, or position shifting typical of guitar 1 writing. In short, every teacher can configure the learning context to make it fit its needs. As well as using this method, the teacher should also work on other pieces with the students, along with technical and rhythmic exercises, as well as ensemble music to provide the student with the best environement to help him master his instrument as he progresses through the book. This method has been inspired by our own experiences as teachers in the province of Quebec, Canada; each year, we teach classes of an average of 32 students. Our goal is to bring them to the discovery, as soon a they start learning, of repertoire designed for guitar ensemble playing. We hope that with these pages we are making a first step in this direction. Nathalie Lachance, Luc Lévesque

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