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Progressive Repertoire, vol. 3

Progressive Repertoire, vol. 3

Composer: VARIÉS

DZ 103


ISBN: 2-921248-88-3

Solo Guitar

36 p.


PROGRESSIVE REPERTOIRE FOR THE CLASSIC GUITAR IN 6 VOLUMES choisies par / selected by Marc Bélanger, Jacques Chandonnet, Claude Gagnon, Paul-André Gagnon, François Leclerc, Sylvain Lemay, Denis Poliquin, Patrick Roux, Jean Vallières volume 3 - 36 p., Level 2 As in all the other volumes in this series, all the music has been chosen by a number of guitar teachers from Quebec, and once again the choice has been extensive (from 16th to 20 century), interesting and useful. This album moves up to around Grade 4, (although a couple of pieces of Grade 3 have sneaked in) and there more 'unknown' pieces than in the previous two books, the collection being the better for it; Claude Gagnon emerges yet again, this time with four pieces and there are two 'fingerstyle' compositions by Jacques Chandonnet... ...these albums are presented in such a high standard of appearance... (Neil Smith, Classical Guitar) These six volumes of progressive repertoire for classic guitar provide pieces that will please apprentice guitarists at both beginner and more advanced levels. The repertoire was chosen by a large number of Quebec teachers who have been working for many years at all levels of classic guitar instruction. Their precious help has brought quality, diversity and originality to this collection.   Each volume covers the principal periods of music history from the Renaissance to our own day. The best traditional repertoire is included as well as new arrangements and unpublished compositions.   Fingerings and other annotations should be considered as suggestions. The pieces have thus been left with the imprint of each collaborator, revealing their respective approaches to the music.

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