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Saudade do Brasil

Saudade do Brasil

Composer: FERRÉ Philippe

DZ 1270


ISBN: 978-2-89655-169-9

Guitar orchestra

8 p. + separated parts


With a Bossa feel and a stack of enjoyable, yet very accessible, rhythm patterns, this is a piece that a less-experienced ensemble will not only play, but will strive to play well. It's short enough to be taken home and practised and each of the lines of music is rhythmically unchanging, so that once the piece starts to come together, it's going to be robust and tight.
Set in C, there are some simple chords - no part has more than two notes at once - and yet these chords are varied, and very pleasing. The centre section moves into C minor; it seems strange to finger the opening but not this section (which will be unfamiliar territory to a novice ensemble). But the upside of an unfamiliar key is the delight of hearing new textures and chords, and this piece certainly does delight.
Players spanning Grades Two to Four will want to rise to the challenge of mastering this - it's infectious fun and an excellent contender for a concert item in a school production. It just exudes joy.
Derek Hasted (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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