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Stable / Mouvants pour violon et guitare
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Stable / Mouvants pour violon et guitare

Composer: PÉNICAUD Éric

DZ 1371


ISBN: 978-2-89655-270-2

Guitar and violin

10 p.


This new production comes in d'OZ's «oversized» format series where the book measures 10 x 15 inches and is spiral bound. Visually, I have to admit that they do look good but they are a devil to fit on shelves for storage after use.
Stable/Mouvants is a «modern« work lasting around six minutes and written in a highly contemporary mode and although a first glance at the opening page, which is of an unbarred score for guitar solo crammed with very precise dynamic instructions, glissandi, vibrato, etc., this does actually turn out to be a much more accessible introductory section than it appears, both in terms of technical standards and musical ones.
However, the second page onwards has the violin joining in for the remainder of the work and from here on the technical requirements take a sudden leap up in difficulty. There are more detailed instructions with regard to dynamics, tempo and phrasing, several instances of free-time and ad lib. rhythms, feathered beams, percussive effects (both instruments) and quite a lot of written directives (all in French) particularly as the work draws to a close.
Any advanced duo of this instrumentation would be well advised to give this piece a try out if they are seeking new, original and intriguing contemporary music. The guitarist is required to tune the 6th string to Bb, although the composer has suggested the use of a ten stringed guitar if one is available.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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