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New4 Episoden

4 Episoden

Composer: AHLERT Daniel

DZ 4260


ISBN: 978-2-89852-177-5

3 Mandolines

12 p. + separated parts


1. Das Geisterschloss

2. Frankenstein's Hamster

3. Vampir ohne Zähne

4. Der Chor der Werwölfe


This trio is an arrangement of the 5 Episodes for mandolin solo. These were originally intended as music for young players, but turned out to be somewhat more difficult than planned. The last movement was not suitable for a trio version, so that it now comprises only four movements.

The programmatic titles are reflected in the music on a deeper level, for instance in the rhythmic fragmentation in "Frankenstein's Hamster" or in the "Chorus of the Werewolves"‘ uncleanly howling.

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