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10 Sketches

Composer: MORA-JIMÉNEZ José

DZ 4261


ISBN: 978-2-89852-178-2

Solo Guitar

20 p.


After being some time away from classical composition I decided to challenge myself and write one short guitar piece daily. I did it for a month and ended up with around 20 "Sketches". The original idea was to make short pieces for children. 

Some turned out to be too difficult for students, so they might become longer pieces in the future. Some others I just didn't like that much. In the end I selected the 10 Sketches that I liked the most. 

These 10 pieces are intended for intermediate level players and each of them focuses on a technical or musical aspect. 


Sketch No. 1 - p-i-m in the right hand 

Sketch No. 2 - Chords 

Sketch No. 3 - Short Scales 

Sketch No. 4 - Descending Slurs 

Sketch No. 5 - Arpeggios and slurs 

Sketch No. 6 - Pattern repetition 

Sketch No. 7 - Chords 

Sketch No. 8 - Slurs with open strings 

Sketch No. 9 - Repeated notes and descending slurs 

Sketch No. 10 - Scales

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