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Chroniques de Thamyris

Chroniques de Thamyris

Composer: OURKOUZOUNOV Atanas

DO 1531


ISBN: 978-2-89796-311-8

Solo Guitar

16 p.


The piece “Chronicles of Thamyris” was written at the request of Greek guitarist Sotiris Athanasiou for his recording project with pieces based on Greek mythology.

I chose the myth of Thamyris who was a musician of Thracian origin. In each movement I imagined an episode of this myth. The first movement is composed as a narrative. The second, as the title indicates, is the episode of the competition between Thamyris and the Muses. In the third, according to the myth, Thamyris will become blind and will break his lyre. The last movement is an imaginary dance from his native Thrace.

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