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NewLamento et Rock bulgare

Lamento et Rock bulgare

Composer: OURKOUZOUNOV Atanas

DO 1543


ISBN: 978-2-89796-323-1

Chamber music with guitar

24 p. + separated parts


The piece “Lamento et Rock Bulgarian” was written at the request of the Ahn Trio for a series of concerts with guitarist Antigone Goni. We would like me to use the materials from Bulgarian Rock originally composed for cello and guitar and make a new version for violin, cello, piano and guitar. I added the slow part at the beginning (“Lamento”) because the Ahn Trio is made up of three sisters who had just lost their mother. In Bulgarian Rock there is a mixture of the typically Bulgarian 11-beat rhythm (4+3+4) with playing modes that refer very largely to rock music. The piece was premiered at the Montana Chamber Music Festival in the USA on April 20, 2024.

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