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NewMycélium - 7 miniatures pour piano

Mycélium - 7 miniatures pour piano

Composer: LEMAY Robert

DO 1542


ISBN: 978-2-89796-322-4


12 p.


The mycelium is the system that links mushrooms to- gether. Unlike a tree, which has its own roots, a mush- room thallus is in fact a multiple being that feeds from the same source.

The piece was commissioned by the poet Thierry Dimanche. He gave me the theme of mycelia. From this music, he composed texts and created images for a video poem entitled Transitions mycéniennes. This video is available on the Vimeo channel.

Although the music was originally composed for use in the video, the pieces are self-contained and can be performed in concert.

Mainly written in an atonal language, several sec- tions and pieces are more in a harmony of bitonality and even tritonality to express the idea of multiplicity of the mycelium.

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