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The Labyrinth - Fantasia No. 14
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The Labyrinth - Fantasia No. 14

Compositeur: FLETCHER Nick

DZ 2684


ISBN: 978-2-89737-601-7 

Guitare seule

4 p.


At the end of the book ‘The Lion the witch and the wardrobe’ by C.S Lewis, the professor tells the children that one day they will return to Narnia, not through the wardrobe but maybe by another way. Taken as a metaphor for creative thought I was reminded of this as I wrote ‘The Labyrinth’ which is my 14th Fantasia. A writer or composer is always faced with a blank sheet of paper and never knows when he or she will find a way back into another world of creative thought. The joyous feelings which are aroused when you eventually, often without any pre conceptions, find that a new work starts to emerge and once more we are back in a new world, off on a new adventure finding new paths through the Labyrinth of sound we call music!!

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