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Chanson d’Elfée

Chanson d’Elfée

Composer: RAYMOND Jean-Marie

DZ 1463


ISBN: 978-2-89655-362-4

Solo Guitar

4 p.


Here is a composer who has recently become known in the pages of this magazine for his short and romantic little pieces, and for his direct and warmly melodic little tunes.
This latest piece is no exception. It is written in an “alla breve” E minor and is marked “libre, éthéré comme un songe”, which it most certainly is. The opening section is one of gentle arpeggios in quavers atop a long flowing melody in minims that after a repetition moves into a chordal section in static crotchets for eight bars before a new idea, based on the figurations of the opening arpeggios, takes over again, here marked “appassionata e lirico”. Then the melody moves to the treble area where it stays for much of the remainder of the piece, only to end with a coda that hearkens back to the opening.
Pleasant, melodic and effectively written, this little trifle of a piece is ideal for the moderate player and as such should do well.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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