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10 Légumes célèbres à croquer

10 Légumes célèbres à croquer

Composer: CARLIN Yves

DZ 1684


ISBN: 978-2-89655-583-3

Solo Guitar

12 p.


1. Claudia chou-fleur
2. Scarole Bouquet
3. Laurel et radis
4. Bette Davis
5. Endive Warhol
6. Franco tétragone
7. Échalote Gainsbourg
8. Les huits scaroles
9. Hercule poireau
10. Haricot Macias

I think Yves Carlin has produced a winner here. Ten varied pieces which explore differing styles and techniques of guitar writing and playing; all under the witty guise of celebrity vegetables. So we are offered for example, Claudia chou-fleur, Laurel et radis or Hercule poireau. Possibly the key choice is a little limited but as the pieces start at around grade three, this is a practical consideration. I have no special favourites all are equally delicious.
John Arran (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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