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Waltz for Bill

Waltz for Bill

Composer: PIRIS Bernard

DZ 202


ISBN: 2-89500-087-5

2 guitars

8 p. + parties séparées


This duet is a really enjoyable play. The dedicatee being the influential jazz pianist Bill Evans, the piece is full of energy and life. The parts are roughly equal in terms of their level of difficulty and there is plenty of dialogue and interaction, good material for any aspiring duo. It is a brisk waltz, with a lovely fluid sense of motion that gives the impression of a whirling carousel. The sound world that Waltz for Bill occupies reminds me of Takemitsu's 'Bad Boy' which has a similar harmonic feel to it and whose second half has a similarly carousel-like motion. There the comparison ends though, for the Waltz for Bill is different in character and in the main idea that drives it. The music is lyrical with a sense of momentum that presses it towards a more boisterous conclusion.

It is simply music to enjoy, unpretentious, fun and well written.
(Abigail James, Classical Guitar, 11/2000)

Une courte introduction ample sert d'élan à cette valse au tempo enlevé où l'harmonie jazzy, recherchée, est sans cesse en mouvement. Une partie centrale plus lente, plus automnale, articule la pièce avant un Da Capo et une Coda où Pizz... Golpe... Tambora... Glissando et même mécanique tournée rapidement, viennent ponctuer un discours déjà plein des couleurs «impressionnisme jazz» que l'auteur affectionne.

(Dominique Marie, Les Cahiers de la Guitare, 2e trimestre 2001)

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