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Pure Land

Pure Land

Composer: BOGDANOVIC Dusan

DO 681


ISBN: 978-2-89503-457-5

Ensemble mixte

20 p. + separated parts
Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan


for voice, flute and guitar
poetry by Patricia Capetola

“Written for the rare combination of voice, flute and guitar, Pure Land is a suite of pieces totaling seven movements. Five of the movements have titles and are based upon the contemporary poetry of Patricia Capetola.
The poetry is sung rather than spoken but the melodic lines the narrator is given to sing the words to are easily forgettable; the words however leave a much more lasting impression and this is one of the strengths of this composition.
There are two musical interludes during this set featuring just the flute and guitar in “dialogue-style” passages and, as is the fashion throughout most of this Suite, the two instruments are, rhythmically, often at odds with one another creating some exciting polyrhythmic passages underscoring the often docile pattern of the sung poetry.
This is a clever and attractive addition to the contemporary guitar ensemble repertoire and one which could easily be one of the outstanding items in any programme.
The edition comes with full score and separate parts for flute and guitar, the poetry being easily readable from the score. Technically all three participants would need to be of a high standard.”
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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