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ProductsSheet Music for GuitarSolo GuitarThe many faces of the guitar, vol. 1 (CD incl.)

The many faces of the guitar, vol. 1 (CD incl.)

The many faces of the guitar, vol. 1 (CD incl.)

Composer: VARIÉS

DZ 1041CD


ISBN: 978-2-89500-927-6

Solo Guitar

28 p.


(version without CD also available - DZ 1041)

Designed as a follow-up to the Progressive repertoire serie (DZ 101 to DZ 106), Les Productions d'OZ are proposing here a new serie entitled The many faces of the guitar. Although the grouping by level has been preserved, the repertoire is made exclusively from original compositions chosen by the composers themselves. D'OZ exclusives chosen among older publications are here side by side with completely new pieces.
The d'OZ catalogue is full of little treasures written for all levels by guitarists, composers and teachers dedicated to the cause of classical guitar. The title suggests an optimistic portrait of the instrumental practice in many region of the world, and the scope of the «family« of composers who are regular d'OZ contributors. The crossbreeding of genres and countries are bringing an international flavour that makes these works so special.
It is with an opened mind that I have engaged myself in this ambitious project of recording the music of the six volumes. I have been seduced by the melodic qualities and the effectiveness of the various guitar techniques involved in these works, and at the same time providing the students a new and interesting repertoire.
I humbly wish that the recording that comes along with the book and CD package will inspire some of your performances.
David Jacques, 2007

These are the first and fifth volumes in a six volume series. The books are comprised of both new and original compositions and works, which have been previously published by d'OZ.
There is a long list of international composers represented and the variety of the musical styles is agreeably wide. What is of a type, is the quality of the music with which we are presented. From charming two- line compositions, to more extended works, the scope for musical expression and development is terrific. I must just say that as weIl as being useful for the student this music is very attractive to play. Sufficient to say that I have started to use these volumes with a number of my pupils. Having used volume one with students I have to admit to ordering volume two, as a number of youngsters wanted something beyond book one.
Whilst volume two has not been presented for review, it cannot hurt to say that this is of the same excellent quality as the two volumes under review here.
The first volume, which contains 40 separate pieces, can be approached by a student who is looking to extend their musical experience beyond a Prep Test or Grade One and the final volume takes you well above Grade Five.
Volume 5 comprises eighteen pieces which look at differing sonorities, melodic playing within a two or three part harmonie scheme, to music which will extend the students rhythmic horizon.
To define what I think is important in these volumes from this series, is to say that each piece, gives consistent musical shape and form, within which the student can develop his or her individual musicianship. Whether one is trying to understand how phrasing works, or melodic lines developed, or how melodies and accompanying figures should be focused, then this and much more, are to found throughout these volumes.
What a great achievement, a set of contemporary pieces, mostly written by guitarists, and of such quality that they serve to advance not only a technical improvement, but that the technique is learnt through the musical needs of the piece.
I had to order extra copies from Canada; I hope that this set will quickly be available through a national distributor.
Well-done d'Oz.
(John Arran, Classical Guitar Magazine)

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