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The many faces of the guitar, Série 2 - vol. 2
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The many faces of the guitar, Série 2 - vol. 2

Composer: VARIÉS

DZ 1212


ISBN: 978-2-89655-111-8

Solo Guitar

32 p.


(version with CD also available, DZ 1212CD)

Designed as a follow-up to the Progressive repertoire serie (DZ 101 to DZ 106), we had proposed a new serie entitled The many faces of the guitar. Now we continue on this path with a second serie of books named The many faces of the guitar 2, with the hope to give an additional tool for the teachers who wish to renew their didactic repertoire, as well as guitar lovers eager of discovering new works for their own pleasure.
Like in the first serie of The many faces of the guitar, the repertoire is entirely original and carefully chosen among our vast publisher's catalogue. D'OZ exclusives from past editions are side by side with new pieces composed especially for this serie.
The d'OZ catalogue is full of little treasures written for all levels by guitarists, composers and teachers dedicated to the cause of classical guitar. The title suggests an optimistic portrait of the instrumental practice in many region of the world, and the scope of the «family« of composers who are regular d'OZ contributors. The crossbreeding of genres and countries are bringing an international flavour that makes these works so special.

This is a most exciting series of books. As the preface states d'OZ has all manner of really good pieces in its back catalogue, from any number of writers who you may not have come across unless you have sampled d'OZ before (and if not, why not?) So this progressive series of books has many little gems that are firmly aimed at modest players. Furthermore it is nice to report that there are no makeweights here; no duds taking up valuable space. They are all good pieces that any number of players will have a fabulous time getting to know better.
It seems almost churlish to mention any individual pieces given the high standard found here but Adrian Andrei's two pieces are every bit as unexpected in their harmonies as they are delightful. Claudio Camisassa's two pieces are wonderfully characterful and interesting to play; Oleg Kiselev's pieces never disappoint and his exotic twosome here are every bit as good as usual while the trio from Thierry Tisserand are a delight from start to finish. That is not to denigrate the others that are every bit as worthwhile to play and nothing is beyond the intermediate player, while some are a fair bit easier even than that.
Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

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