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NewTransfigured Life - Still Life

Transfigured Life - Still Life

Composer: BRAID David

DO 1525


ISBN: 978-2-89796-305-7


24 p. + separated part


violin and piano



Transfigured Life - Still Life, Op. 165 (violin & piano) - David Braid


I am keen on concise musical forms such as Prelude and Fugue, where there is one clear straightforward idea, followed by another that is more involved & developed. 


In keeping with that idea, this work consists of two distinct pieces, the first - Transfigured Life - aims to draw in the listener with its quick, dancing rhythm and simple, melodic violin part. It 'transfigures' via a few short solo piano interludes into just two alternating notes to end - which are the core of the original idea, now made clear by clearing everything else out of the way.


The second piece - Still Life - retains its sense of stillness through an uncomplicated piano line that gives lots of space for the violin's contrasting (but again simple) part. As an absolute, not programmatic, piece the title refers to the atmospheric colour and pacing only; it's up to the listener to see 'Still life' of their choosing in their own mind.


A note on performance: 

Despite my reference to 'simple' lines, and the work's determined avoidance of mainstream modernist squeak - the work has certain performance challenges of phrasing and ensemble that requires considerable skill and musicianship. The work has had the privilege of being recently recorded by violinist Ezgi Sarıkcıoğlu and pianist Rossitza Stoycheva, and is available on all major platforms:




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