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Fantasy Etude
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Fantasy Etude

Composer: AMBROSIO Carlo

DZ 1685


ISBN: 978-2-89655-584-0

Solo Guitar

12 p.


"You know you aren't in for a traditional 'classical' sounding guitar piece when the image on the front cover pictures a guitarist in playing position with the guitar backwards (with the guitarist's hands playing the back side of the guitar with the stringed side facing himself). Additionally, the tempo is marked 'Gently grooving' in the introduction, and later ' ... but steadily rocking'. This is definitely an experimental piece that lacks straightforward tonality, but at times hints at different key centers. A steady drone is built upon repeated two-note patterns played on the first two strings in a steady, sixteenth-note rhythm. The notes change without an obvious pattern or constant intervals between them. A dissonant bass melody is played in the lower voice. Some of the notes are a difficult stretch to reach for while continuing to play the repeated drone notes. The opening section gains momentum as harmonics, muted notes, and quick, slurred sections interrupt the repeated note patterns. The middle, interlude-like section, marked 'poco piu mosso' and 'appassionatamente', leans more toward the lyrical side with larger chords and hints at tonality for the first time in the piece. Different drones are then introduced in a lower register-played on the second and third strings-and the piece closes with a repeated pattern of harmonics. Overall, this is an interesting piece. If played introspectively by a skilled guitarist well-versed in the phrasing of dissonant harmonies that lack a tonal melody, this could be an intriguing piece to watch one play in a live concert setting."

Amy Hite  (Soundboard)

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