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Humoresque and Dance

Humoresque and Dance

Composer: ZOHN Andrew

DZ 1048


ISBN: 978-2-89500-934-4

Guitar and violin

12 p. + separated parts


Humoresque lives perfectly up to the title and with its quirky rhythm and comical melody line flitting between various time signatures this tune would not be out of place as a background theme to any of the silent comic films from the days of the great Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd et al. I hope that sets the scene. Coming out of the blue at approximately the mid-way point is a sudden Adagio where the composer seems to pay homage to Mozart with a variation upon that composer's Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Once again, quite a humorous concept and a nice touch at that point in the composition.

The vigorous accompanying Dance has an unremitting guitar part throughout its entirety with the melody instrument weaving its way atop all these arpeggios with quite strong and dramatic theme , the 12/8 rhythm pushing the work ever forward to a stirring conclusion.

Humoresque and Dance would suit a pair of higher Intermediate players and is good enough to be strongly considered for a stage performance.
Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar)

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