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13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings - CD
  • 01_Toccataesque

  • 02_Bad Egg Café

  • 03_Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm

  • 04_Le Petit Groove Royale

  • 05_A Philosphers Song

  • 06_Strings Etouffee

  • 07_Slide Rule

  • 08_Steel Pans

  • 09_From the Diary of a Fly

  • 10_EGAD!

  • 11_Give the Strummer Some

  • 12_Fuguetude

  • 13_Jammus Vulgaris

13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings - CD

Composer: JOHANSON Bryan

Arranger: KUDIRKA, Michael

DZ 3265


ISBN: 978-2-89795-181-8

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13 Ways of Looking at 12 Strings was composed in 2002 by Bryan Johanson for The Duo (Eric Benzant-Feldra and Michael Kudirka). Commissioned by Rick and Ginny Tinling, it was premiered by The Duo at the 2003 Portland Guitar Festival. The work’s thirteen movements are divided into three parts: Part I: Cool Cubed (four short guitar duos), Part II: Pentadigitopia (a guitar solo, three duos using unusual timbres, then a second guitar solo), and Part III: Cube Squared (four larger guitar duos).

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