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Music for a While (3 Sketches)
  • Sketch No. 1

  • Sketch No. 2

  • Sketch No. 3

Music for a While (3 Sketches)

Composer: DI GIANDOMENICO Francesco

DZ 4281


ISBN: 978-2-89852-198-0

Guitar ensemble

16 p. + separated parts


Music For a While is a collection of three short sketches. The music interweaves elements of East European folklore, North American minimalism, European polyphony and traditional Italian music.

The first sketch is a very rhythmical, lively and powerful dance based on a fragment from Bela Bartok’s collection For Children.

The second sketch is like a canon, a tribute to Pachelbel, but interestingly the development of the piece is influenced by contemporary minimalism. The music, based on a cell of 4 bars with a typical tonal progression that is constantly variated, is simple, beautiful and bright.

The last sketch is an homage to Federico Fellini’s universe. With a typical Italian dance rhythm (including references to Nino Rota’s music), this piece evokes the crazy, funny and melancholic 

Collection Chuck Hulihan

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